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Wilde Bunch: 2018 Square Dance Classes/Dance Nights

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#87 New Square Dance Class begins Monday, July 16, 7 PM
.: What do you want to know about Square Dancing? :.

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All Levels/Teaching Programs are at the ASDC
View Fee Structure

6:30 - 7 PM: Plus Dancing
7 - 9 PM: Basic/Mainstream/Plus
9 - 9:15 PM additional Plus tip at end

First Monday of each month:
7 PM: Open House / Intro Dancing - Invite your friends!

6 - 7:15 PM: C1
7:15 - 7:30PM: Full Advanced Tip
7:30 - 9 PM: Advanced Class

Check the CALENDAR for schedule changes and updates.

Our Callers:
Kris Jensen, (505-265-6094)
Scott Amspoker

.: Download "Mainstream Continuation" (MSWord with Hyperlinks) :.
.: Plus Teaching List (with hyperlinks) :.
.: Download Kris' Plus Notes :. (PDF)
.: Link to some Mainstream and Plus videos (Flash Player required) :.

.: A1 Teaching List (with hyperlinks) :. (PDF)
.: A2 Teaching List (with hyperlinks) :. (PDF)
.: Download Kris' A1 Notes :. (PDF)
.: Download Kris' A2 Notes :. (PDF)

.: Download Kris' C1 Notes :. (PDF)
.: Check out Kris' C1 Blog! :.

** For those of you considering Plus or Advanced, really understanding the
gender role which you dance less frequently is a very good thing. It will help
a lot during the class. We suggest you practice before the class starts. **

.: Square Dance Etiquette (for everyone to read) :.

.: See every square dance move on Taminations! :.

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Fee Structure:

Membership Dues:
$18/month, $216/year

Non-members of Wilde Bunch or Non-Active Wilde Bunchers:
$5/night plus $1 if you are not an ASDC member

At times the Wilde Bunch Board may decide on fees for special classes or events

$20 ASDC yearly membership dues (due by February), $150 for lifetime membership

New Basic/Mainstream Class members pay only $10 per month after first month of class until class in done (about 5 months)

Please speak with the WB Treasurer about a payment plan.

The above classes are held at the Albuquerque Square Dance Center (ASDC)
4909-15 Hawkins St. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
(505-345-9797 - answering machine).

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For information on C2 classes/dancing contact
Also, visit Kris' website at www.krisjensen.com

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